Emily has a diverse writing portfolio spanning: feature articles (print magazines), online content, campaign materials, technical reports and guest blogs.

Features (Print Magazines)
SCUBA magazine – Return of the Ocean Giants 
Natural World magazine – Marine Protected Areas in the UK
Wildlife Watch magazine – various: Marine Strandings, Saving Seahorses
Paddler magazine – various pieces: wildlife disturbance, UK wildlife safari

Online Content
Quoted expert in National Geographic, June 2021 – Whale Myths Debunked
Marine content for national website: wildlife guide, our work and actions pages

Guest Blogs
Wildlife and Countryside Link Blog – Why we need Marine Conservation Zones
The Wildlife Trusts – Bringing our seas to life
WiseOceans – Diving for Data

Campaign Materials and Reports
Contributing author – The Way Back to Living Seas
Managed “Friends of Marine Conservation Zones” campaign e-newsletter, 2015-2018