£5m funding secured for marine and coastal conservation

I’m thrilled to announce that our bid was successful and the National Lottery Heritage Fund has awarded £2.78m funding to the UK’s first marine Landscape Partnership Scheme. Together with match funding, this gives an incredible budget of £5m with which to better understand, celebrate and protect a very special seascape in North East England.

It’s taken three years of detailed planning (i.e. stress, lots of coffee and a fair few tears) and I’m incredibly proud of the role I have played in getting it to this point. In 2016, I was employed to develop the scheme from scratch, securing the support of 15 partner organisations and the promise of £1m in match funding, and writing the successful Stage 1 bid. Since 2018, I’ve been involved as a professional advisor and am particular proud of my work on the pioneering Landscape Conservation Action Plan.

It’s been a long hard road to get here, with huge credit due to Veronica Rudd (Stage 2 Development Manager), a suite of consultants, local heritage groups and enthusiasts and all the partner organisations. Thank you to Fiona Southern, our NLHF monitor and NLHF for their support. Finally, thank you to all National Lottery Players – without you, this would not be possible.

This £5m scheme of 23 projects – both on-shore and beneath the sea – will seek to strengthen local understanding of the sea and our relationships with it, engendering pride and empowering local communities to protect the seascape’s amazing wildlife and other heritage. Read more about the scheme here.

I can’t wait for the scheme to get going and to see the difference this money makes for our seascape, its heritage and its communities. My personal ambition has always been for SeaScapes to be a blueprint for others and I hope in time our groundbreaking approach will enable other areas and communities to benefit in their own ways.

Do get in touch if you would like to see something like this in your patch!

SeaScapes Announcement PicImage: Emily presenting the developing SeaScapes project to the International Marine Conservation Congress, Malaysian Borneo, June 2018.

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